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Al-Malqa district
Commercial Center

Al-Malqa district

Al-Malqa district
residential project

Al-Umrah St.

Al Malqa district
commercial building

Prince Muhammad bin Saad St.

Owned residential project 

Muhammad Ibn Abdulaziz Ad Daghaythir St.

Owned residential project 

Al Faraa St.


Nayyan company provides real estate management and development service for residential, commercial and hotel projects and various types of construction, facilitating all services to the client and giving him all the special and appropriate options based on the client’s request, and focusing on the project within the budget and time specified and maintaining the highest quality in work outputs by studying and implementing all related services In real estate management and development by a work team with extensive and advanced experience and knowledge, and Nyan Company’s association and communication with a group of consultants, engineers, administrators, and financial professionals in the field of real estate management, as well as relationships in the competent government agencies, investment banks, law firms, operating management companies, marketing and advertising agencies, as well as retail agents.